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Local Online Video Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

Local Online Video Marketing
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If Your Potential Customers Could Actually See and Hear How Great Your Business Is, Do You Think They Will Contact You?

Local Video SEO – The small business owners’ secret weapon!

local video seoThere is a dirty little secret that many Local SEO services don’t like to talk about to their clients. They fail to address how powerful video marketing has become, and why having a powerful YouTube marketing strategy may be every bit as important as having a powerful Google strategy.

First and foremost, it is no secret that consumers prefer videos over text. Video watching has exploded as more consumers have faster download speeds on their home computers and their smart phones.

While most small businesses are still plugging away trying to grab top spots in the search engines for their website, they are missing out on the second largest search engine in the world.

Why is YouTube such a powerful marketing tool for small business?

Receives around 1 billion searches per day (second to Google)
Receives over 65 million unique visitors every month
Still low competition for your best keywords (not for long)
High Customer engagement – 46% take immediate action after watching your video
With proper video SEO you can also grab a page one rank in Google for your best keywords
People love videos and prefer video to reading your text.
Video is easy to watch than reading text on mobile phones
Video Production is cheap
Here’s how using Local Video Marketing and Video SEO can drive customers to your business.

First of all, you must properly set up and optimize your YouTube Channel. If you already have one, we will analyze it and determine if you need a new one.

Do this first! Google has recently tied YouTube channels to peoples Google Plus accounts. If you still do not have a Google Plus account, set that up first!

This is important! A poorly optimized YouTube channel can destroy anything you try to accomplish with Local Video SEO.

Look at your YouTube Channel as a second website, with the channel being the home page, and each video you produce and upload, a web page. The better you optimize your channel page and the more videos you upload that are optimized, the better you will rank in the search engines.

Create a Local Video Marketing Campaign.

Determine number of videos for campaign
Research keywords you will target
Develop story line with call to action
Create and edit video
Upload to YouTube – optimize with on-video SEO
Embed on your website or blog – begin off-video SEO
Upload to your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google Plus…
Upload and optimize video to all major video websites including Vimeo and Dailymotion. This increases your chances to grab page one rankings in Google for the targeted keywords.
Local Video Marketing Tips for Small Business

By now you are probably thinking that you may want to try a little video marketing for your small business. Before you start it is important to do it the right way so that you can maximize its benefits.

Below are a few video marketing tips to keep you focused on doing it the right way:

What is the goal of your video? Although you are targeting important keyword phrases make your your video is short and is actually valuable to the viewer.
Avoid sales pitches. Your video should either give advice or expose a problem and offer a solution. Viewers do not care for hyped up sales pitches about how great you are.
Have a strong Call to Action. Do not forget to tell the viewer what to do next! Include a web page link and a phone number and literally tell the viewer what to do!
Use the GEO tags in YouTube. YouTube allows you to place your address in the editing section. If you are a local business this helps Google and YouTube know where you are.
Optimize your video. Title, description and tags must be done properly when uploading your video to YouTube.
Spread the word! Share your video in as many places as possible, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr to name a few. You need to show Google your video is popular and if nobody views it, you will not be rewarded.
Embed your video. YouTube loves seeing their videos embedded across the web. Embed it on your website and any other social media platforms you can think of.
Activate your website address. Many people will not read the description part of your video so make sure your website address is at the top so people can see it. DO NOT just put www.yourwebsite.com. Make sure it has the http:// in front or it will not show up as a clickable link. (very common mistake)
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