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Video Marketing for Realtors/Real Estate Agents – How to make videos that generate leads – OwenVideo

Steal my video marketing toolkit here: bit.ly/yt_blueprint. Video marketing for realtors is easy and yet real estate agents seem to be lacking in even basic forms of creativity. This video will cure that basic desire to be the same and encourage some new video marketing ideas that are sure to engage your audience in new ways.


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In this video I’ll cover a few video and content marketing ideas that realtors from anywhere can start using today.

Here’s a main point: You have to break free from the marketing provided by your broker.

Your broker does not exist to make sure you make money- they exist to make sure that THEY make money. So do not rely on the stock website they give you, don’t rely on the stock newsletter they provide you, and don’t rely on the stock images and stock videos they give you.

Good realtors create their own brands and their own followings with original and unique content marketing and video marketing plans.

In this video blog, I’ll lay out some Fantastic ideas for realtors, brokers, and real estate agents to excel in the YouTube and video space.

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How did I shoot this video:

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S5
Microphone: Samsung headphones
Dock: Windshield smartphone dock
Car: Toyota Highlander
Editing: Adobe Premiere

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