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How to make a marketing video – Video marketing for business #4

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The tools are now available for everyone to make their own videos.
In fact most of us carry a perfectly capable video camera in our pocket or have access to a digital camera with a video mode.
So does this mean we can make our own videos? And when would we need to use the services of a professional?

The answer to this question really hinges on what type of video you wish to make.
Some videos such as client testimonials, product demonstrations and news updates are perfectly suitable for DIY production, in fact testimonial videos are likely to look more realistic if they are not professionally produced.
Of course it will still be important to obtain the best production quality possible as you will want your videos to look and sound their best.

If you want to make your own videos it is important to work within the limitations of your camera, its accessories and finally your skill-set.
Making straightforward, one scene videos with a single subject is quite do-able and can be very effective.
Choose a well lit location, take care with the sound and you can probably upload to YouTube straight from your camera, saving you the time and complexity of needing to edit.

Other more complex videos such as video introductions, service demonstrations and training videos generally require more production experience and the associated equipment.
Realistically your competition will most likely have outsourced these types of videos to a professional, so unless you are particularly skilled it is recommended you do the same.

Working with a professional does not mean that you loose control of your video marketing project.
In fact a good video professional will be keen to include you at every stage to make sure that the final video is totally effective.
The use of tools such as outlines and storyboards should provide a clear vision of your video helping you to perfect the end result.

In reality you may end up with a combination of self made and professionally produced marketing videos.
Produced in collaboration and as part of a strategy, your videos will be powerful marketing assets and will be hugely effective.

Please watch out for our next video which is all about ‘How to make introduction videos

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