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The Top Social Media Marketing Tools to Significantly Increase Engagement


With guests Ian Cleary and Brian Fanzo

Question Answered:

What One Tool Would You Suggest for 2016?
What Is Your Favorite Social Engagement Tool?
What is Your Favorite Live Streaming Application?
How Do I Know My Target Audience is on Periscope?
What is Your Favorite Online Analytics Tool?
What is Your Favorite Influencer Research Tool?

Ian Cleary is an online marketing consultant with more than 20 years of experience and the founder of Razor Social. In his two decades in digital marketing, Ian has been listed as one of the top 50 content marketing influencers globally in 2015, one of the top 40 digital strategists by Online Marketing Institute, and has contributed to Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur.com, and VentureBeat, among many other publications.

Brian Fanzo is a change and technology evangelist, the host of #SbizHour and #CloudTalk, as well as the Chief Social Media Officer & Digital Storyteller for MyChannel Inc. Brian is a bona fide thought leader in the world of digital technology and has shared his message with massive brands like IBM and Samsung while also gaining accolades as one of the Top 50 People Most Retweeted by Digital Marketers in 2014 by Social Fresh.

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