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What is PPC? – Pay-Per-Click Explained!

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SEO is a great way to get better search engine rankings, but even the best SEO strategy takes time to get results. Most SEO campaigns take 6-12 months to show any page 1 results — and even after 1 year, SEO requires constant work to keep your rankings since competition for page 1 ranking is so high.

That’s why we do PPC advertising for our clients! PPC is a great option for businesses who want new leads fast — in some cases a PPC campaign can start generating sales within hours of launching the campaign!

You’ve probably seen those 4 little ads at the top of Google search results, right? Those are PPC ads! Through the Google Adwords platform, we can get your ads to show at the top of Google!

And here’s the best part: PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click”, which means you only pay once someone clicks on your ad! If someone does a search and reads your ad without clicking on it, you pay nothing! Compare that to traditional TV or Radio advertising where you pay a large sum of money up front without knowing how many people are actually looking at your ad!

Our Pay-Per-Click strategy starts with our PPC experts doing keyword research. This helps us figure out what specific Google searches we want your ad to show for. For example, if you own a chiropractor business, you would want to show your ad when someone searches for “best chiropractor near me”. But, you wouldn’t want your ad to show for someone searching “chiropractor schools near me”. We sort through thousands of keywords to find which ones for which we should show your ad, and which we should block.

The next step is to build and optimize your landing pages! A landing page is the page that a customer lands on after clicking on your PPC ad. To maximize customer follow through with a phone call or completion of an online form, landing pages must be properly designed and built.

With PPC advertising, we can drive highly qualified traffic to your website and help your business grow. Interested in trying PPC ads for your company? Reach out to Geek Powered Studios to get started today!

Learn More at https://www.geekpoweredstudios.com/ppc-management/