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What is PPC (Pay per click) Advertising? How to Profit From Any Website With Promo Codes!

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A Note on Coupons:

I researched this topic, and most search engines give seasonal 0 coupons which have expiration dates, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to post specific ones here on the long run. The easiest way to get these coupons is to do a Google search for “google adwords 0 coupon (insert current month here) (insert current year here)” or “bing ads 0 coupon (insert current month here) (insert current year here).”

I do know that Hostgator, one of my all-time favorite companies, (they’re basically the people you go to when you want to setup your own website) will give you a free 0 Google Adwords Voucher whenever you create a website with them.

Setting up your own website is MANDATORY for starting a successful online business of any kind, whether you’re a small time passive-income earner/affiliate or a large-scale content owner. Eventually, you’ll have to create a website sooner or later, and when you do, here are a few coupons for a Hostgator discount to get you started (protip: choose whichever of the following coupons gets you the lower price):

Penny Deal:


20$ Off Deal: