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What Is PPC? An Introduction to Youtube Pay Per Click

What is PPC? An Introduction to Youtube Pay Per Click

Many aren’t sure what is PPC? This is an Introduction to Youtube Pay per click, PPC.

Pay Per Click is where an advertiser pays for their copy/ advertisement, Ad, to appear when you the search puts in ‘their’ keywords. The Ad will appear in one of the following positions

Organic results get to the first page of Google.

By having good relevant content, a web page that is well set up. On page Search Engine Optimization, SEO. And a good quality ad number of links pointing to this page, off page SEO. Getting your web page to the first of page of Google takes both time and effort, depending on about 200 different factors an important factor is your site’s rank and history.

For example Wikipedia because of it’s history and the thousands of pages with great content it has, when Wikipedia put up a new page in a very short time will be on the first page.

Most pages don’t have that level of clout so can spend years without ever really getting enough traffic/visitors

A simple and effective way of getting almost instant traffic is by paying for it. PPC, Pay Per Click.

This is where you as the advertiser will pay Google or whoever, we will refer to Google as Google has over 70% of the PPC market, with Google Adwords There is also Yahoo and Bing. Bing owns Yahoo so Yahoo results are by Bing. Most overlook perhaps the most effective form of advertising. Youtube.

For advertising to be effective you need to know:

Who is your ideal customer. See Identifying the Customer

What is the Lifetime Value of a Customer. I.e. How much in net revenue, profit, is the customer worth to you.

What is the cost of customer acquisition. Often this can be a tricky number to get hold of. One of the beauties of PPC is that through PPC this is easily established. The cost of of the ad, how many views and how many views you need to have to get a sale.

Once you have these answers you can start your PPC, Pay Per Click Campaign. We will cover this in another post.

Why is Youtube the most effective for PPC?

People buy from people that they know, like and trust. Youtube is the best medium for getting people to know like and trust you.

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