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What is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)?

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Hi, I’m Cindy the Social Network Princess and today we are answering the question: What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click, otherwise known as PPC, is a modern internet advertising method used to drive targeted traffic to a website.

Businesses most commonly utilize PPC advertising to buy listings on Google and Bing. These paid ads then appear in the search engine alongside other non-paid search results. Since ads are sold at auction, your individual bid determines how high your listing appears on the page. The cost you pay per click varies greatly depending on your industry and other factors, such as the quality of your website and advertising copy.

Any time a potential customer clicks on your PPC ad while searching, they are sent to your website and arrive on what’s called a “landing page”. This is a page that is relevant to your visitor’s interests and helps convert those visitors into a lead or sale. Some of the many advantages of pay per click, when done correctly, are:
– You can begin to generate new customers almost immediately
– You have complete control over the days or hours your ads are displayed
– You can use a vast array of media to market your business including videos, images, custom website pages, and online stores
– It is possible to track the effectiveness of your ads in detail
– PPC ads costs a fraction of what you’d pay with other forms of paid advertising
– Since your marketing budget is delivered to a highly targeted group, your return on investment is much higher than with other forms of paid advertising

The goal of PPC campaigns is to attract better qualified visitors to your website who are more likely to buy. Through the use of keyword phrases, PPC campaigns limit the visibility of your ads to only those customers in your target market who are searching for your products or services.

Working with an experienced internet marketing firm to build your next pay per click campaign can maximize your return on investment and stretch your marketing budget further. When using the right combination of complex Google Adwords configurations, keyword strategies, advertising copy, and website design techniques, a PPC advertising campaign can be an extremely powerful and cost effective way to increase profits.

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