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What is SEO? Simplified

What is SEO? It’s a classic marketing question that many have had to ask several times over. There can be a lot of confusion surrounding SEO, and to be fair its quite a complex topic.

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SEO is simply…taking steps to improve and upkeep a website’s search engine position.
taking steps to make a website easier to find through online searching

Search Engines are the all seeing, all knowing, gatekeepers of the internet, and if you want to be seen/heard/noticed or even listed you must follow their rules and guidelines on how to do so.

A successful SEO campaign will help your website to appear higher in the naturally generated or “organic listings” which are displayed after a user has searched for something online. You cannot directly purchase a position in the ‘organic listings’, but a good SEO company will help you to boost your rankings safely and without cutting corners.

Show me the Small Print!
For most companies, A well executed SEO campaign is almost certain to pay for itself several times over. As good as that sounds, there are some details in the fine print that need to be considered before making an investment:
Results wont happen over night, you will need to be prepared to pilot a campaign over several months keeping a close eye on the results.
Just like gas and electricity, SEO is an ongoing cost and once your service has started you’ll need to factor this into your monthly budgeting.
Successful SEO is a 2 way workflow running between you and your provider. Quickly actioning requests and changes will ensure you keep on the path to success.

When to be cautious?
Unfortunately it’s quite common to come across poor practice and misleading SEO services. However, by following a few simple rules you should never be too far away from some great results.

Choose a provider that comes with: a trustworthy recommendation, a proven track record and is willing to meet with you in person to discuss your SEO needs

Commit to becoming SEO savvy. You should know enough to be ready to effectively question your results as regularly as you are paying out for them.

No matter what anyone says, there are no secret formulas or magic remedies for SEO success, therefore, you should expect complete transparency on how your provider achieves it’s results.

Simplified videos are brought to you by Zone marketing
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