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Question: What is SEO & what do PR people need to know?

If we have any hope in developing the PR industry and growing our part of the marketing budget we have to learn more about the digital world around us and the only way to do that is by asking questions!

Have you ever had a burning question but felt too embarrassed to ask? How many times have you plucked up the courage to ask the digital team your question and started it with ‘This is probably a stupid question but…’

Pick our brains and tap into our knowledge. If we can’t answer the question we’ll be inviting our digital PR friends in to help answer too.

There are no tricks, just ask.

Send in your question by filling out this anonymous form:

Our first question was sent in following the FutureComms event last month. Somebody asked us:

“What is SEO and why is the PR industry talking about it”?

If you want to learn more head to: https://coveragebook.com/resolution

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